Suppose you had
incurable cancer.
What would
One Good Day
look like? is a U.S.-based, 501(c)(3) charity committed to improving quality of life for lower-income adults with terminal cancer.

OneGoodDay makes micro-grants so that these deserving individuals might have the resources to enjoy one good day that will make a real difference, at a deeply personal level.

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Would it be
a walk on the beach
with your life partner?

 OneGoodDay is not about bucket lists, or getting the keys to the city,

or meeting the President.

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Or spending the day
with your brother
from another state?

 It’s about the small stuff. The human-scale stuff.

The stuff that touches your senses.

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One very special dinner
with your
all-grown-up daughter?


 The kind of stuff that has profound, personal meaning.

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Or having
one last adventure
with a friend
you've known forever?

It’s about making One Good Day possible for someone with incurable cancer.

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The best gift
you can give to
someone with
incurable cancer
is the blessing of
One Good Day.

Cancer doesn’t just afflict the wealthy and well-insured. And not everyone has the financial resources to enjoy One Good Day with their loved ones. needs your financial support to expand its outreach to lower-income adults and their caregivers, and issue micro-grants to deserving patients with incurable cancer.

The need is huge. Your generous donation of $100, $500, $1,000 or more is greatly appreciated! One Good Day can make a real difference to someone with incurable cancer.

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